Risk Management

Caski specialises in supporting highly regulated, safety conscious industries to manage their work processes. We draw on international experience to bring innovation and best practice to areas such as nuclear waste management, decommissioning and record creation and maintenance to meet Regulatory requirements. By satisfying the ever increasing demands of regulation Caski enables clients to secure income streams, maintain a positive public profile and position themselves for future work.

Skills available include:-
Overview of Project Risks
Methodology for selecting risks the client is most sensitive to.
Energy Market experience to evaluate risks on a quantitative basis.
Process and procedure experience for pulling together client risks.
Programme and Portfolio level risk assessments from a commercial, technical and  political perspective

Specific Project Risk Assessments
Extensive energy industry experience to assess risks across the client’s portfolio.
Credibility to challenge current assumptions and facilitate improved risk estimates.
Quantitative methodology to assess risk mitigation actions and their cost.
Pre project risk reviews facilitating improved risk mitigation in the specification.

Project Risk Management
Risk register creation and management.
Experienced in introducing and managing risk management processes.
Authorship of risk management procedures and their incorporation into quality systems.
Co-operative approach with Project Managers to provide risk management support throughout the project

Earned Value Analysis
Use of Earned Value Analysis to give early indication of project status.
Simplified portfolio management through common measures.
Visibility of recovery programmes.
Early resource release from successful projects.

Commercial Risk Management
Methodology to balance price maximisation versus income security.
Experienced in balancing commercial risk management and project risk management.
Contract risk apportionment at pre contract stage.
Post contract risk protection through application of communication protocols.
Experienced contract claims negotiators.