Data & Systems

Our client portfolio includes organisations which have undertaken ambitious programmes of projects to replace a sometimes large, complex and obsolete work management and compliance systems, generally across geographically diverse sites. These system usually include a complex integrated reporting system and interfaces to other external systems.

Client Case Study:
Caski provided business analysis expertise to not only guide the client in the vendor selection process to enable the adoption of the most fit-for-purpose technical solution, but also to isolate the critical problems and bring to bear specialist resource in a short timescale to manage manual and automated data transfer between multiple systems whilst keeping data in step.

Services available:-
Data Analysis and Scoping
The first step in understanding what data needs to be migrated is to carry out a detailed analysis of the existing data in each system, and to determine what will be required of the new system.  Caski can perform in depth data analysis and provide advice on the structure and depth of the data in each repository. With this information, the client can make an informed decision based on the detailed analysis provided by Caski personnel.

Data Mapping
Once the scope of data to be migrated had been defined and agreed for each system an analysis is performed to clearly determine new field locations in the new system, with verification techniques.

Data Migration
Data look-up tables are then created and managed by Caski personnel in an isolated  area of each system (often know as a codes region) under strict change control  The data migration business rules documented in the mapping documents above are translated into extract and convert programs by programmers to ensure a fully documented solution.

Data Verification
Once each system is loaded a set of reconciliation and verification data checks are developed, based on the rules laid out in the mapping documents.  The output of these runs will provide the analysts with two different report formats:-

● reconciliation – data table counts, that will enable global checking of rows in tables against those expected from the load.
● verification – detailed reports, written by Caski personnel, to check that the business rules written into the extract and convert programs have been implemented as per the mapping documents.

If there exists safety significant data in a system, special in-depth reports will be written to ensure that this data had been migrated correctly. It is essential that these reports are able to show to that this safety critical data had been migrated correctly to satisfy external inspectors