Change Control

Caski personnel have written and operated change control procedures for use with NDA
contracts. They have been part of the change control boards assessing changes from both a technical and commercial perspective.  Caski can also provide change board secretarial services ensuring that the required documentation is presented to the board, decisions recorded and the stakeholders kept up to date with progress.

Caski personnel have operated as Commercial Managers on Nuclear sites presenting changes to the customer on behalf of the site manager and providing additional information where required. In this role they are also experienced in negotiating additional fee as part of demonstrating that the change is in the customer’s interest Caski’s work management experience ensures that once approved the change is monitored to completion including signing off final documentation.

Skills available include:-

Process Design
Knowledge of PCP 05, PCP13 and CT 05
Experience of writing contract procedures for NDA approval
Process Design Instructors
Coaching business experts on process redesign

Process Management
Change Board Management
Trends, Changes and Completion
Change Records Management
Progress chasing both internally and with the Customer
Risk management

Document Management
Audit trail services
Document storage solutions
Document Control processes

Project Management
Change Control Process Design
System integration
Data migration
Management Information Systems

Change Management
Gap Analysis
Route Maps
Training for all levels to achieve transition
Improvement Measures and Monitoring

Training Provision
Change Control Process PCP 03 and Reporting Requirements PCP13
Contractual Issues Training to CT 05 (PBIs)