Intelligent customer support

We are particularly experienced in ensuring that our clients receive the service they have agreed with system vendors and that system vendors do not try to cut corners in key areas of documentation and testing.

We ensure that there is a clear definition of what is expected of a vendor and that the vendor then delivers to this specification in the agreed timescales.  

This is achieved through ensurung there is an agreed set of business requirements and a system specification to match each area.  We then make sure there is a robust change control process in place to track requirement changes or areas where the system does not quite match expectation.

This is particularly key to the on-going support of the system once live, as without supporting documentation, it is difficult to remember why decisions were made.

Testing is carried out in a strictly controlled way, with clearly defined test cycles and down time in-between to allow the vendor to implement fixes to issues found.

Finally, we can ensure that implentation is planned and executed in a controlled manner, having tested the process beforehand to tease out any potential issues to minimise the chance of problems during a go-live period.

We have managed several system implementations, covering all resources required to ensure a smooth and trouble free process to the client.